China’s travel ‘restrictions’ could prevent A australian permanent resident’s wuhan evacuation

China’s travel ‘restrictions’ could prevent A australian permanent resident’s wuhan evacuation

Chinese-Australian Jay Chen is calling regarding the Chinese government to relieve it is travel restrictions to permit their spouse become evacuated from Wuhan, the town during the epicentre associated with the coronavirus outbreak.

Mr Chen, whom is with in Sydney, claims he’s “extremely concerned” when it comes to security of their spouse Amy, who’s among the list of Australian residents and permanent residents waiting for evacuation from Wuhan to xmas Island.

He says their spouse, that is an australian resident that is permanent received a notice through the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) advising her to use to participate the 2nd batch of men and ukrainian brides club women evacuated from Wuhan.

However it was at reading the prerequisites specified into the DFAT notice, which he realised that their spouse might maybe not qualify to visit as a result of her Chinese citizenship.

The DFAT notice, acquired by SBS Cantonese, specifies there are “some limitations imposed by Chinese authorities which will stop you from travelling in the assisted departure flight”.

The notice follows by detailing what’s needed for travel, saying: you must be an Australian permanent resident accompanying a direct family member who is an Australian citizen (i. E“If you are a Chinese citizen. Husband, child and wife). ”

Mr Chen claims as their wife is travelling alone and without kiddies, she may be limited from evacuating.

«We unearthed that the Chinese authorities imposed travelling limitations that stopped her from travelling in the assisted departure trip, » he stated.

SBS realizes that Amy Chen has lodged her application become evacuated, it is waiting for a reaction from DFAT.

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